With Golf Fitness You Can Power It With Plyometrics

With Plyometric Golf Fitness Training, You Can Develop the Power Needed to Drive Your Ball Farther!

Plyometric training started in the Eastern European countries back in the 1970s. Remember when these countries dominated the track and field events in the Olympics?  The U.S. quickly followed suit by adding plyometric training for their athletes. At first it was used primarily for track & field athletes, but over time this training has been adopted for almost all sports.

Simply put, Plyometric training is about programming your body to convert strength into speed in the shortest amount of time possible. When you hear TV announcers talking about power in golf, they are really talking about speed. It is generating club head speed that drives the ball further, not necessarily the strength of the person swinging the club. I’m sure you’ve been to the driving range and seen the skinny kid out driving the muscular guy many times. It is because the skinny kid is generating more speed, not because he is stronger than the muscular guy.

This is why Plyometric training is so important to your overall golf fitness program.

Using Plyometric golf fitness training, you can develop the explosiveness needed to drive your ball as much as 40 yards further without necessarily gaining any strength.

Since power is determined by how long it takes for strength to be converted to speed, training your muscles to convert strength to speed in a very short time allows for athletic movements beyond what raw strength will allow.

Plyometric Exercises for a More Powerful Golf Swing

Plyometric golf fitness movements, in which a muscle is loaded and then contracted in rapid sequence, use the strength and elasticity of your muscles to allow you to hit the ball harder for more distance. Plyometrics in your golf fitness training is used to increase the speed or force of your muscular contractions providing you the explosiveness you need to increase the length of your drives with more efficiency and less effort.

A Good Analogy of a Plyometric Exercise is a Rubber Band

When you pull back or stretch a rubber band, there exists the potential for a quick and powerful return to it’s original length. Your muscles work the same way. By training your muscles to make this “rebound” movement as quickly as possible, the speed and power generated translates into club head speed and longer drives.

By utilizing medicine balls and a variety of other exercise aids, Be Golf Fit has been scientifically designed to adapt plyometric training specifically to golf to build the speed you need for more power. Now you can drive the ball longer and play with more confidence tee to green.

One of the more rewarding moments in golf is when you hit the perfect long drive off the first tee for your buddies and everyone one behind you to see and admire.  There are several elements that make that beautiful drive possible.  One of them is Power. That is why plyometric training should be a part of your golf fitness training.

Do you want to launch drives that leave your foursome with their mouths hanging open? Want power in your golf game?

Get Be Golf Fit, the revolutionary golf fitness program designed to put your ball in the hole with fewer strokes.

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