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Dear Fellow Golfer,

Please, let me ask you

Do You Know What Is Unique About Your Body?

Do You Know What Is Unique About Your Golf Game?

Do You Know What Is Unique About Your Golf Swing?

Do you instinctively know your body isn't "up to par" for maximum performance and enjoyment of the game?

Do you want to rapidly identify your body's key trouble spots so you can improve your game as quickly as possible?

Here is some great news for you....

Now you can rapidly identify your body's trouble spots and know immediately which golf specific exercises to use to turn your body into a Par Making Machine.

With our Golf Fitness Assessment Software you will quickly be able to understand your body's own unique trouble spots so you can quickly correct and address your own unique golf fitness needs.

Now You Can Quickly Identify...
  • Muscle Imbalances That Are Preventing You From Having That Golf Swing You Dream About
  • Balance Issues That Are Robbing You Of Distance, Power And Maximum Efficiency In Your Golf Swing
  • Foot Stability Issues That Are Causing Incorrect Weight Transfer And Affecting Your Swing Plane, Power And Control
  • Shoulder Elevation Issues That Are Preventing You From Having Correct Posture And Ball Address Position

How To Discover What Is Unique About Your Body,
Your Golf Game And Your Golf Swing

Let's face it, no two bodies are the same and no two bodies have the same muscle imbalances, balance issues and trouble spots.

That's why it is imperative for you to take advantage of this Golf Fit Assessment.

Every body and every golfer is unique.

Every golfer's swing is different because their bodies are different and their muscle structure is unique. Therefore, it only makes sense any muscle imbalance issues and the cause and effect of those issues are also different and unique in each individual golfer.

The problem is that most golfers don't understand or even know they suffer from muscle imbalance issues and how dramatically that these imbalances can affect your golf game.

Even worse, they don't understand what specific exercises to do to correct muscle imbalance issues and improve their golf game.

Well, now you can.

Now, you can know your body like never before with our Golf Fit Assessment Software!

Why Muscle Imbalance Is Killing Your Golf Game And Threatening Your Golf Health

Everyone suffers muscle imbalances. They just don't realize it.

Muscle imbalances are one of the side effects of improper use, posture, strain and injury, and are commonly the cause of the aches and pains associated with back pain.

How about you, lower back killing you?

Unfortunately, most doctors don't diagnose muscle imbalances until it is too late.

As far back as 1992, an article published in the Journal Sports Medicine showed that an athlete is 2.6 times more likely to suffer an injury if an imbalance in hip flexibility of 15 percent or more existed.

Do you use your hips in golf? Of course you do, they are one of the primary drivers of your golf swing. Beginning to see how muscle imbalance can affect your game and your chance of severe injury?

And it's not just those who play sports who are at risk. ?About 65 percent of injuries ? both athletic and lifestyle-related ? come from overuse, which is repetitive use of joints that are rendered dysfunctional by muscular imbalances," says Mark Verstegen, president and founder of Athletes? Performance and Core Performance.

One of the primary causes of muscle imbalances is poor posture. If you sit for too long in a bad position or continually stand with bad posture, your muscles adapt to your posture but in a bad way resulting in imbalances.

Muscle imbalances can also result when you overuse a muscle. If you are right handed for example and use a pull lever on the job, and only pull with the right hand, the right hand/arm will be stronger than the left which presents an imbalance.

Usually, when one muscle group is overused, the opposing muscle group, acting as a stabilizer, becomes underused. When this imbalance establishes itself in the musculoskeletal system, the body does not function as designed.

Your opposing muscles and muscle groups are supposed to work together. Those muscles must be balanced in terms of strength, flexibility, and even posture to be efficient and to prevent injuries.

Unfortunately, most golfers don't realize they suffer from muscle imbalances and the risk they pose to injury.

Even worse, they don't understand what specific exercises to do to correct muscle imbalance issues and improve their golf game.

Well, now you can.

Now, you can know your body like never before with our Golf Fit Assessment Software!

Our Golf Fit Assessment Software Rapidly Identifies
Your Body's Unique Trouble Spots And Tells You The
EXACT Exercise You Need To Perform To Correct Them

Designed by Arleen Cauchi NASM CPT, developer of the widely acclaimed Boomer Fitness Programs, this golf specific fitness assessment is like no other.

It has been designed to specifically address the needs of golfers.

Unlike a general fitness assessment, this program addresses the specific muscle groups and muscle imbalances that are unique to you as a golfer and more importantly, gives you the specific exercises you need to correct each of your unique conditions.

Now you can put your golf game on the fast track to improvement.

Identifying the muscle imbalances unique to your body and the corresponding exercise to correct them means you'll be playing better golf faster than you could imagine.

You can finally know your body like never before, and take advantage of software and golf exercises specifically designed to eliminate muscle imbalance and accelerate improvement in your golf game like never before.

Check These Benefits...

  • Easy And Simple To Use, Just Point And Click And Our Online Golf Fit Assessment Software Does The Rest
  • Questions And Answers In Layman Terms Designed With You, The Golfer, In Mind
  • Takes Less Than 15 Minutes, Instructional Video And PDF Included
  • Quickly And Easily Discover Your Unique Muscle Imbalances And Fast Track Your Golf Game Improvement
  • Reveals The Specific Exercise To Eliminate Each Type Of Muscle Imbalance
  • Eliminating Your Muscle Imbalances Is The First Step In Injury Prevention
  • Take It In The Privacy Of Your Own Home, No Expensive Gyms Or $250 An Hour Personal Trainers Required
  • Take Our Golf Fit Assessment As Often As You Like To Track Your Improvement

No Other Golf Fitness Assessment On The Market
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Are you ready to discover the secrets about your body and the muscle imbalances that are troubling your game?

Are you ready to eliminate your muscle imbalances with the specific exercises scientifically designed to correct those conditions?

Are you ready for rapid improvement in your golf game, your golf swing and ready to lower your score?

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