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How To Improve Your Golf Swing,
Hit The Ball Up To 40 Yards Longer,
Lower Your Score And Play Without Nagging Pain
With The “Be Golf Fit” Golf Fitness Program

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Remember WOLF For Sandshot Success

Wide – Open – Low – Forward

Listen as Mick Soli, one of Golf Digest’s top 50 instructors, explains his techniques for successful bunker shots.

One of the things that happens with golfers is deceleration. This is especially true of women golfers and golfers over 40. As you age you lose wrist strength, and that causes a tendency to decelerate the club when it comes into contact with the sand. Deceleration causes loss of speed and the next thing you know, you are hitting your second or third shot from the bunker because you are leaving it short.

Watch Mick’s tips to help you get out of the bunker the first time.

Then watch as Arleen NASM CPT takes you through one of her favorite golf specific exercises, the wrist extension, which will build strength in the wrists and make deceleration disappear.

Are you getting an idea of how important golf specific exercises can be for your game? Imagine having the exact muscles you use in golf conditioned for better play, better flexibility, more strength and a better game.

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Get In Golf Shape, Shoot Lower Scores And Eliminate Pain With This Revolutionary
Golf Fitness Program

The results are in and golfers are raving about the new golf fitness program by Arleen Cauchi NASM CPT. Golfers are hitting the ball up to 40 yards longer and playing the best golf of their lives in just 8 short weeks.

Developed in conjunction with a team of physical therapists, sports performance coaches and golf professionals, this revolutionary golf fitness program is giving golfers new life on the golf course and dropping their handicaps like a rock.

Previously only available in exclusive clubs or through a hand selected group of professional trainers, this golf fitness program is now available to golfers everywhere for the first time….
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